Pearl River High Sschool Principal

Mrs. Trece Jordan-Larsen

WELCOME LETTER Mrs. Trece Jordan-Lawson M. ED.


Pearl River High School believes that:

  • Education is an investment in the future of our country and is the foundation for an informed democratic society;
  • High standards of performance and continuous improvement are essential for high-quality education;
  • Knowledge of basic skills and critical thinking form the foundation for life-long learning;
  • Excellence in education and accountability for student success are best achieved through cooperative vision and effort of students, families, educators, and community;
  • All students can learn to their potential given appropriate expectations, challenging curriculum, and high-quality instruction that addresses the individual learning styles, developmental levels, and background of students;
  • School curriculum should be engaging, challenging, and responsive to the changing needs of society;
  • Technology skills are essential for enhancing communication, broadening sources of information, and functioning in a technology-rich society;
  • A safe and caring school environment that supports the well-being and positive self-worth of students is fundamental to a high-quality education;
  • Teaching citizenship and modeling respect and ethical behavior are important to help students become productive, responsible members of society;
  • The school must attract and retain exemplary employees and must provide ongoing professional development that meets the needs of students, staff, and community; and
  • Open, ongoing communication is necessary to build trust and cooperation.



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